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spacerGum Disease in Pregnancy Linked to Premature Low-Weight Babies

Although it may seem improbable, infection in the gums of a pregnant woman may lead to a more than sevenfold increase in her risk of delivering a premature baby…

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Gum Disease, Pancreatic Cancer Link Seen

Having periodontal or gum disease may boost the risk of getting pancreatic cancer, according to new research from Harvard Medical School involving more than 51,000 men.

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Oral Hygiene May Help More Than Teeth and Gums

Your dental health may be a sign not only of how diligently you brush and floss but also of your risk of stroke and heart disease.

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Gum Disease Linked with Premature Births

In recent years, dentists and doctors have begun to understand how periodontitis — gum disease — does more than cause big bills at the dentist’s office.

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Flossing Protects Far More than the Teeth and Gums

I suspect that my most egregious lapse in healthful living is widely shared: Knowing that I might lose my teeth in the coming decades is not enough to get me to floss every night.

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Pounds Weigh Heavy on Gums

Young people who are obese are much more likely to suffer from gum disease than young people of normal weight, a new study says.

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Picture representing heart disease

Linking Infection to Heart Disease

INFECTIONS in the mouth may play havoc elsewhere in the body, leading to blood clots that can bring on heart attacks and strokes, researchers reported yesterday.

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More Research Data for the LANAP® Protocol

CERRITOS, CA — The results of an independent nine-month en-bloc human histological study of the LANAP® protocol will be revealed…

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Hollywood Star Patrick Swayze, Count Basie, Luciano Pavarotti, Tiger Woods’ Father, Earl Woods Died of Pancreatic Cancer

CERRITOS, CA — A 16-year Harvard Medical School study of 51,000 men reported that “men with severe periodontal disease…

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