Cone Beam, CT Scan and 3-D Imaging



Oral CT Scan with ConeBeamUntil recently, traditional dental x-rays were only able to provide limited information about the state of your mouth. Dentists relied on experience and knowledge to diagnose and develop treatment plans for each patient. However, advances in technology have allowed dental professionals to get the information they need to place more successful implants.


The i-Cat 3-D Digital Imaging Scanner (or Cone Beam) produces a high-resolution 3-D image of the mouth. It needs only half the amount of radiation of digital x-rays and takes only 3-5 seconds to complete. The images are then reconstructed on the computer screen and used in conjunction with software called Simplant. Simplant allows us to view the jawbone from multiple angles and ensures proper and precise placement of dental implants.

ICAT picture of skull

The systemPrecise 3d model of skull showing decay